Fast-track your path to financial freedom.

An exclusive wealth management network for NYCE Private members.

Ever heard this saying? “Hang out with five successful people and you become the sixth…”

If you don’t know me, I came to New York in 2014 with an expired visa, no credit, and just $79 in a PayPal account.

Still, a little over a year later (and just $10K), I bought my first investment property that grew to over $1M in under six months. (More on this strategy later. #wealthhack)

From there, I was able to turn that $79 into a 2000+ unit portfolio worth over $263 million in just four years.

That’s the mission of NYCE and our entire #wealthhacking universe: To give YOU ALL access to the tools—from real estate to entrepreneurship to the stock market—that have worked for the wealthiest 1%. 🚀

"The mission for Michael is to create $1BN millennial-owned real estate community by 2025." — Forbes

Since we started, we’ve helped thousands become first-time real estate owners and kickstarted their journey towards generational wealth.

TRIBE+ is NYCE’s exclusive, “private client” network where you’ll have DIRECT access to a network of successful entrepreneurs, investors, coaching and mentorship.


Think of TRIBE+ as your own personal VIP network of influential and successful investors and entrepreneurs that can open doors. 

Here’s what you get…

  • Private network of successful investors 

  • DM lenders, investors, entrepreneurs & more

  • Exclusive weekly events 

  • Free TRIBE U membership ($479 value)

  • Mentorship & Coaching 

  • Exclusive VIP investment opportunities 

  • Email, text and video support

As the saying goes, if you hang out with five successful people, you become the sixth…💰


Here are some ways TRIBE members have benefited…

“I took Philip’s Business Mastermind Session where he made me launch a business from scratch on the spot. A week later, I had my first $45,000 client.” — “Professa" Nessa Dowell

“I joined TRIBE with no previous real estate experience. I’ve gotten my first investment property and I live rent free.” — Jennifer Evans 

“The TRIBE is like a family I can depend on to help me through ANY money challenges I come across." — Cindy Francis

BONUS! FREE access to TRIBE U: NYCE’s Wealth Academy 📈

In addition to the TRIBE+ community, your TRIBE+ membership gives you unlimited access to our wealth academy TRIBE U.

Some current and past lectures and courses:

✅ Airbnb: How To Make $100K In 6 Months ($999 value)
✅ How To Launch A $100K Business In A Weekend ($299 value)
✅ Mindset Mastery feat. Philip Michael and Martin Braithwaite ($10,000 value)
✅ NFT/Crypto: How To Create Your Own NFT ($5000 value)
✅ Real Estate Investing Bootcamp ($999 value)
✅ Stock Investing Bootcamp ($999 value)
✅ 1:1 Accountability Coaching ($5000 value)

Total Value: $23,296. You get all this with your TRIBE+ membership. (You can get a TRIBE U membership alone here.)

A few basic facts about wealth:

  • 10% of the population owns 89% of the stock market (CNBC)

  • ANYONE can invest like Warren Buffett (you’ll learn exactly how)

  • 88% of millionaires are self-made (Fidelity)

  • 90% of millionaires are made from just owning property (Andrew Carnegie)

  • You can turn $35K into a $1M of real estate OVERNIGHT (yes, you’ll learn that, too)

The key thing for me happened when I told myself this: “In 12 months, I will never, ever, EVER work a day in my life again unless I want to.”

I made that decision for myself. Now I’m hoping you can benefit from what I’ve learned to make the same decision for yourself.


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