Fast-track your path to financial freedom.

Learn how to invest, build wealth and retire early.

If you don’t know me, I came to New York in 2014 with an expired visa, no credit, and just $79 in a PayPal account.

Still, a little over a year later (and just $10K), I owned my first investment property, which immediately made $575K in less than six months. 

From there, I was able to turn that $79 into a 2000+ unit portfolio worth over $263 million in just four years.

This isn’t because of me being great or having the “inside scoop.” It’s simply how the asset class works. 

Because of where I came from, I’ve made it my life mission to help others retire early, secure financial freedom and build generational wealth.

"The mission for Michael is to create $1BN millennial-owned real estate community by 2025." — Forbes

Join 5000+ like-minded wealth hackers on the path to early retirement in our exclusive TRIBE community.  You’ll get instant access to the ENTIRE TRIBE experience:

  • Real estate workshops
  • Financial best practices
  • Rental/lease agreements for 50 states
  • Launch a side hustle/LLC
  • Raise money for real estate
  • 100+ hours of wealth-building content
  • Email, text and video support

TRIBE U membership will help you:

  • Move from saving to investing

  • Get out of debt

  • Invest for retirement

  • Own real estate

  • Invest in the best S&P 500 ETFs

Join today and connect with us about investing, retirement, careers, personal finance, credit cards, and bank loans.


Over the past year, we’ve helped 5000+ first-time investors own real estate, launch their first side hustle, and get on the path to financial freedom.

“I took Philip’s Business Mastermind Session where he made me launch a business from scratch on the spot. A week later, I had my first $45,000 client.” — “Professa" Nessa Dowell

“I joined TRIBE with no previous real estate experience. I’ve gotten my first investment property and I live rent free.” — Jennifer Evans 

“The TRIBE is like a family I can depend on to help me through ANY money challenges I come across." — Cindy Francis

Some of our past TRIBE U courses included 10,000 hours of training, teaching, transition, and TRUST:

✅ Airbnb: How To Make $100K In 6 Months ($999 value)
✅ How To Launch A $100K Business In A Weekend ($299 value)
✅ Mindset Mastery feat. Philip Michael and Martin Braithwaite ($10,000 value)
✅ NFT/Crypto: How To Create Your Own NFT ($5000 value)
✅ Real Estate Investing Bootcamp ($999 value)
✅ Stock Investing Bootcamp ($999 value)
✅ 1:1 Accountability Coaching ($5000 value)

Total Value: $23,296. You get all this for just $49.99/month.

The key thing for me happened when I told myself this: “In 12 months, I will never, ever, EVER work a day in my life again unless I want to.”

I made that decision for myself. Now I’m hoping you can benefit from what I’ve learned to get where I am and hopefully beyond.


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