"We want to create 100,000 new millionaires by 2030."

Learn how inside.

Yes, ANYONE can become a millionaire…💵

Ever heard the saying, "Hang out with five millionaires and you'll be the sixth?"
And did you know that 88% of ALL millionaires are self-made? (And 90% come from real estate. More on that later.)
That’s what you get: A network of successful investors and the tools to become one of the self-made 88%.
Let me tell you a story…...
Years ago, a UPS worker who never made more than $14K a year started investing a small amount out his paycheck. 
Long story short, he retired with $70M. 🤯🤯
Don't believe me? Just look below 👇

How did he do it?
One, basic strategy…
(Some call it the Warren Buffett Blueprint. I personally call it the Future-Self Wealth Tax (FSWT) Strategy).

You'll learn that same strategy here...and then some. 👇👇👇

How I did it…and why I KNOW you can, too 🙏
Do you know what I've learned in my journey? 
In case you don't know, I started with $79 back in 2014. 
Got my first property in 2016. Today, my company NYCE has over $500M+ in active real estate developments.

YES, the course contents will give you the tools and the roadmap.  
But the REAL "secret" formula? A MONEY MIND! 
Mindset + consistency. 
In other words, shifting from playing NOT to lose. To playing to WIN. Well, that's what we're gonna do here.
Play to win.
And ANYONE can do that. 
The first move? Invest in yourself. 💯 
$499 $99 investment*…to unlock your full financial potential.
Your move, champ. 👈

*NOTE: The special $99 rate is for NYCE investors only. Must own at least $1 in NYCE or NYCE-owned properties. You can do that here and here.
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