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“It’s amazing how hard people make what is a simple game.” — Warren Buffett

TRUTH: 88% of millionaires are self-made. And 90% are made from one simple strategy alone that anyone can use today. 
(Ask inside.)
Yet most don't. A whopping 89% of the economy is owned by 10% of the population.
We want to change that. That's why we built this.

A community sharing the same simple strategies used by millionaires worldwide that you can use TODAY:
  • Warren Buffett's "passive growth" investment strategy 💡
  • House Hacking: Owning property while living rent free 🗝
  • Creating multiple streams of income (today) 📌
  • DCA aka "Future Self Wealth Tax" 📊
  • Maximizing your tax returns 💰

Our mission is simple: To help 100,000 people from marginalized communities become financially free. 
No blame game, no oppression Olympics, no trauma bonding, no excuses. 
Just execution. 💯

What's inside:

  • Education On-Demand: 100+ Hours Of Money Lessons Feat. Guest Experts (Think Netflix) 📺
  • Community: A Supportive TRIBE To Hold You Accountable (Think Facebook) 🗝
  • Mentorship: 1-on-1 Guidance From Professional Experts 💡
  • Tools: Wealth Planning Template & Financial Models 📊

House Hacking course: Learn how $3500 in savings becomes $100K of real estate overnight.How to build an extra income stream with Airbnb.

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"It's soooo freeing when you operate in your purpose and build your wealth. Thanks to the TRIBE U family and everyone attached to it...."
- Shamille G

"I’m so glad Sheryl helped me switch my investment account, it’s growing exponentially compared to when I started."
- Marquita Galloway

"I gained over $10,000 in my investment account thanks to Sheryl!!!" 
- Robin Jamison

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